Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wisdom in Irritation

Agitation and irritation are good states. They are signs that we have taken the essential step on the journey to discovering the Truth.

Even if you think you have no desire to be spiritual, you ARE a spiritual entity, whether you like it or not. We cannot help, at some stage of our lives, seeking a reality beyond our mundane existence.

In most cases this happens when our lives start to whirl out of control. Things are not going well for us on all fronts - at work or at home. Stress and irritation are constant elements in our lives. As we feel disheartened by harsh reality, we look within to the Almighty for help. Whenever things are not going well, we suddenly become very spiritual.

For most of us, at some time of our lives, we will begin this inner journey. Few are self-motivated through the pure love of mankind and the Divine. We often need a helping hand to push us into embarking on this journey. This helping hand is provided without our permission in the form of the agitation and irritation we feel in our lives.

This agitation and irritation are positive signals functioning similar to pain, which warns us as a way of protecting our physical body from harm. It is a signal to tell us it is time to adjust our lives.

Soon, we will come to realize that the irritation and overwhelming stress were merely the first steps toward turning to effortless achieving - the power that inevitably enhances one's ability to function more fully as a progeny of the Divine on earth.