Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Enemy Within : The Ego

Anger is ego-driven.

Our ego is so much a part of us because we have put so much energy in building it up just the way we build a house or polish a car.

We generally seek refuge in arrogance, fueled by ego, thinking it to be a strength. In reality, it is a weakness that covers an innate sense of inferiority. This, in turn, leads us to self-destruct.

EGO stands for Edging God Out.

Ultimately, we are in the midst of an epic-like war, with the ego as our nemesis. Everyday brings a new battle. And the battlefield is within.

Recognising this, the best of us fight it, so that the best in us can thrive. The worst of us allow the worst in us to be driven by it.

One has to be spiritually and mentally balanced in an Egoless state. This allows us to see order in chaos and chaos in order.

In fact, it is the balance within that permits us to see the balance in all things.

Hence, chaos without is a matter of perception, while chaos within is the conception of the ego.

A truly humble man cannot get angry. Reflect modesty like the tree that bends down low with the burden of ripening fruits. It is the barren tree that lifts itself high in an empty boast.


  1. mashallah this is fantastic! thanks for sharing...

  2. 一定要保持最佳狀況呦,加油!!!期待你發表的新文章!........................................