Saturday, August 28, 2010

Manners of Walking

God has said: “The servants of God the Merciful, are those who walk on the earth meekly.” [25:64]

The spiritual seeker should know whether the steps he takes are for God or against Him. If it is for God, he should persevere in it. If it is not, he should beg Him for pardon.

God has said: “And their feet will bear witness to what they committed.” [36:65]

A dervish should therefore, be in th state of meditation when he walks, and should refrain from looking around. When he comes across someone, he should not move away to save his dress since all human beings are brethen. Moreover, it breeds conceit. However, if someone is manifestly filthy he should be avoided without letting him know about it.

If the dervish is walking in a group of people, he should not try to go in front of them since it is a sign of pride; nor should he lag too far behind in humility because it is also ostentation which amounts to pride.

He should also save his shoes and feet from filth on the way, so that God saves his inside from contamination. While walking, he should neither go too fast to look covetous, nor too slow to resemble the arrogant. And every step he takes should be of full length, for taking short steps is a sign of fickle-mindedness.

In essence, the walking of the lover of God shoul always be for God’s sake, so that if anyone says “Where are you going?” He should reply in the words of the Qur’an, “Verily I am going to my Lord who will guide me rightly.”

Otherwise his walking is nuisance, because steps in the right direction are the result of right thoughts. If his mind is concentrated in God his feet will fall in the right direction.

It must be remembered that there is no need to traverse physical distance to reach God. The journey to God is spiritual and can be completed by sitting in meditation.

God says in the Holy Qur’an: “We are nearer unto him than his jugular vein.” [50:16]

This means that the journey to God is not of physical nature. It is a spiritual nature.

When we talk about Divine Nearness, it means nearness of the human soul to Divine Being or Divine Essence. It is a kind of subtle union which cannot be explained by human language.

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